We're not into that whole 'New Year, New You' schtick - honestly we think you're great as you are. However we're aware that December is NOT a time for moderation, and if you're looking to balance that out through Veganuary or Dry January, we've got you.

We have introduced a new choice of vegan and vegetarian dishes, alongside no- and low-alcohol drinks. So, even if you're just looking to eat a little more veg and drink a little less wine, there's something to fit that bill. 

Both the restaurant and the Atlantic Bar will be serving veggie and vegan dishes, like tofu and shiso gyoza with sweet chilli or a twist on a Sheekey classic: rich cheddar soufflé with winter truffle and Twineham Grange vegetarian parmesan. 

There’s a choice of no- and low-alcohol drinks on offer too, like Hayman’s Small Gin, The Original Small Beer and cocktails like the Clever Resolution: Hayman’s Small Gin, AEcorn Aromatic, Copenhagen Sparkling Tea BLÅ, raspberries.

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